Foam Insulation Services in Camden County, GA

Foam InsulationHaving quality forced air in your home means nothing if your insulation isn’t up to the job of keeping it in. That’s why Sam Pickren Air & Insulation takes strides to help our customers discover the benefits of foam insulation.

We specialize in both open- and closed-cell foam insulation in Camden County, GA. Our team is happy to explain the benefits of both to our customers, while also taking steps to recommend the ideal application for your home.

Learn about spray foam

Spray foam insulation in Camden County, GA adheres to what you are spraying it to. It will then harden, which increases the integrity of the structure and insulates your house, floors, walls, ceilings. It’s a great alternative to traditional batt insulation that offers no structural support and has a tendency to become inefficient over time.

Spray foam is definitely an investment, but it lasts a lifetime! Blown-in insulation will settle over time, causing ambient heat loss in the winter and less protection from heat in the summer. Spray foam insulation doesn’t settle and eliminates many air gaps, which means better forced air retention and less heat transfer. You could save up to 40-50% on utility bills!

Installing spray foam

Our process starts by removing your existing installation and prepping the space. We’ll always remove old insulation down to the wood, so your new spray foam adheres directly to the wood for best results. When everything is prepped appropriately, we spray-in foam and ensure it cures properly. It’s as simple as that!

For more information about spray foam and the many benefits it has over traditional fiberglass batting or blown-in materials, get in touch with us today by calling 912-882-3495. We’re happy to walk you through your options and can provide a free estimate depending on the size of your space.